Im in Auroville since one week now. I feel realy home hier again. It isn=t so easy to trevel hier in India……bit to be in Auroville is like a big present. If you want to know more about Auroville than look on the homepage:www.auroville.com…Auroville celebrate the 40th birthday on 29. February. So a lot of people are hier and a loot of wunderfool things are happen. I have been to two wunderfoul concerts and a dance performance….They have a amphietheater unter the stars and the sky.
At all they did start to bilt Auroville in the dessert and they plant Millions of trees and did realy a lot to create this place. I can feel, that there is realy something like a soul of this city or a hart……I stay in a lovely place “Youth Camp” - its not a camp this are lovely Houses and we get good food and a lot of lovely people are aroud. Next to the Youth camp is the swimming pool and so I can go swimming nearly every day…..I was on a Seminare about Erth Architectur and I will help to bilt up one of the next houses hier in Auroville. I feel, I am happy to do something congreat with my hands……

At fist I want to say thank you to all the lovely people I meet on the tripp around the world in the last time. It is realy great to now you.
I didnt belive before, that it can be so easy to travel and that I will feel me so well on this trip all the time

I am now in Bankgok and this is quite an other wold than agypt. It is mutch more like in Germany on the one side and compleatly different on the other side. I have the feeling, the people hear are sometimes a bit funy. The taxis are real pink, the collers of the tempels are golden and ligtfool and the language sounds even a bit funy in my ears. And I like the live hier realy a lot. The Tai people doesnt want to make so much business the the egyptions. I can look around now quit easely. How wonderfool. And the budissm I also like much more than the islam. I dont know way……

I like also the trees and the flowers like the orchidees and the seeroses so much. They are hier a lot around. The architecture is iver verry Interesting. They build up the buildings with a lot of woud.

I meet some realy, realy lovely people from Kanada……And we look around hier together, cheer the Tuktuk ( a cind of taxi) and cheer a lot.